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If you own a parking lot or administer a public or private road, signage is an element that’s absolutely necessary for efficient and safe traffic flow. At We Do Lines in Fairfield County, we’ve provided countless commercial and industrial clients with quality signage for very reasonable rates. We also offer a wide range of parking lot striping, curb painting, stenciling, and asphalt and concrete repairs.Our team is made of expert technicians with over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. We utilize top-quality equipment and effective techniques that deliver results meeting or exceeding state and local codes. We offer easy scheduling, affordable pricing, and work that you can rely on. Call us today to schedule a no-obligation estimate.

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effective directional signage

Imagine opening your business to find a car accident just a few feet away from your doors. It’s an unpleasant thought, but without effective signage in your parking lot, it can become a reality. The quality of your signage reflects your business and the pride you take in its appearance, safety, and functionality.
At We Do Lines, we help you improve the look of your property with road signage, directional signage, and reflective insulation to keep your investment looking its best, even after years of weather and wear. From “Stop” signs to “Pedestrian Crossing” and “Exit” signs, we have the signage you need to keep the traffic flow in your lot under control. When you want quality signage, pavement repairs, and striping, there’s no better choice in Fairfield County than We Do Lines.

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Your property’s directional signage is often the only guide available to clients, employees, and other business partners or services. Effective signage will make your property easy to navigate, reducing frustration and wasted time. At We Do Lines, we’re happy to provide quality signage that can:
  • Keep traffic flow as clear and simple as possible
  • Improve navigability and reduce confusion
  • Increase the ease with which clients and services can find the directions they need from any point on your property
We can set up a network of consistently colored signs and lot markings to give everyone who visits your property easy access and safe passage. We’ve served countless commercial clients, businesses, warehouses, and municipal institutions in Fairfield County, and we’ve built a reputation for doing quality work at a fair price. Give your parking lot effective traffic flow and your business increased visibility by contacting us today.
We Do Lines - A yellow square on a white background.
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We Do Lines - A yellow square on a white background.
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We Do Lines - A black background with a plane flying in the sky.

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The condition of your road signage is vital to the safety and convenience of your property. That’s why We Do Lines is dedicated to creating road signage with high-quality materials and reflective insulation to improve the durability and look of the signs you install.
If your property’s signage has suffered damage due to weathering, vandalism, or any other reason, call the professionals at We Do Lines in Ridgefield, CT. We can replace your old signage, customize your signage, and ensure your parking lot and driving area stencils and markings are clear and visible.
We specialize in effective pavement and asphalt repairs, coating, curb painting, warehouse striping, and parking lot signage and marking. Our work is both ADA and OSHA compliant, and we can offer up affordable lot and surface services to meet your needs.

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