Interior warehouse marking and staging

CDTClient Challenge:

A logistics driven indoor warehouse knew how to operate and work with their clients by creating custom solutions that met their needs. Whether the solution was through refrigerated warehousing, transportation or custom supply chain solutions, the company became one of the largest and most sophisticated food distribution operations in the country. They relied heavily on accurate striping and markings in their facility to keep organized and to maximize space for staging and storage. Pallet staging, in particular, became one of the greatest needs for their facility, which is what led them to search for a striping company that fully understood the importance of marking and logistics behind the markings.

We Do Lines Solution:

We Do Lines met with the management and logistics team and immediately understood what was necessary for proper storage and workflow in the warehouse. They created a customized plan of action that outlined specific product storage and pallet staging areas with the goal of sustaining more efficient lines of operations. After getting approval from management and setting a plan that met their budget needs, We Do Lines worked with the company to construct an action plan for striping and marking. Part of the challenge the company faced was the fact that they were open and in operation 24/7. They expressed their need for a professional marking company that fully understood and could work with their hours of operation. Without hesitation, the We Do Lines Operations team formatted an agenda that complimented the company’s busy operating schedule and got to work!

Through strategic pallet staging marking, We Do Lines was able to save the company an hour and a half per employee per day: equating to a savings of over $25k per month. To learn more about our interior warehouse marking services go to:


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