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Recently We Do Lines was contacted by artist Jason Brockert about a parkinglot painting series he had done. He came across our company and thought obviously this would be a good match, being the parking lot connoisseurs that we are, we absolutely agreed. So we decided to help share his art with the world! So for the next couple of months we will be periodically highlighting pieces from his parking lot series, and here is the first piece titled ” Parking Lot #55 • Perfect Parking”, enjoy.

Parking Lot #55 • Perfect Parking

Artist: Jason Brockert

Painting Size : 15×16
Medium : Watercolor and Gouache on paper
Series : American Landscape
Framed Size : 26×27
Frame Type : Black Stained Wood (1 ½ x ¾)
Matting : Cresent acid free museum board and acid free linen tape. Framed under glass.
Materials : Archival and lightfast Winsor Newton professional grade watercolor paints painted on Arches hot pressed watercolor paper.

Painting Intent : This piece is From the American Landscape series and plays with symbolic car shapes, seen from above and cascading across the canvas. They are lit with an almost divine light that begins to transform shape into divine icon.

Care : This piece is made with the highest quality archival materials but any paint is susceptible to fading and damage if exposed to direct sunlight. Do not expose artwork to direct sunlight or extreme humidity changes. With reasonable care this piece will remain vibrant and unchanged for generations to enjoy.

Click here to view the entire series.

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