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Our Connecticut Location

You should think of your parking lot as your welcome mat. When your customers or patrons visit your location, this is the first opportunity you will have to make a good impression. Will your customers be able to easily navigate your lot and know where to park, or will they just end up frustrated due to the lack of clear lines and signage or the presence of potholes and cracked asphalt? At We Do Lines, we offer Ohio parking lot striping and maintenance services that help our customers improve their lots so they can create a better experience for their visitors.

We can help you ensure that the lines and markings in your parking lot clearly tell visitors where to drive, stop, park, and walk so there is not any confusion. This is important for improving the flow and efficiency of traffic in your parking lot, and also for keeping your lot a safe environment.


We Service Connecticut, New England, the Tri-State Area of New York, Northern New Jersey, Boston, and Philidelphia!


Connecticut, USA

New England

New England, USA

New Jersey

New Jersey, USA

New York

New York, NY, USA


Boston, MA, USA


Philadelphia, PA, USA

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